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Suzuka International
Friendship Association (SIFA)

About SIFA

SIFA is the Suzuka International Friendship Association, and it was established for the purpose of promoting international exchange and global understanding among the citizens of Suzuka city.

We have been connected internationally via our Youth Mutual Exchange Program with Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA for many years, and are currently communicating with the global community via online Zoom meetings. In addition, we are engaged in our mission to facilitate a multicultural coexistence within Suzuka, which is home to many foreign residents.

SIFA, with the cooperation of our benevolent volunteers, organizes exchange programs and holds various events throughout the year.

Business Hours & SIFA Office Amenities

(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)

  • English, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking staff are present during office hours.
  • Free Wi-Fi for your convenience.
  • A variety of multilingual pamphlets about the public facilities in Suzuka and other parts of Mie prefecture are available.

Access & Contact Information

The SIFA office is a 5-minute walk from Kintetsu’s Suzuka-shi station or a 7-minute walk from the Ise Railway Suzuka station.


〒513-0801 1-17-5 Kanbe, Suzuka-city
It is located on the first floor of the Suzuka City Hall, Annex building No.3

Tel: 059-383-0724 Fax: 059-383-0639
Email: sifa@mecha.ne.jp

Japanese Language Classes

Date and timeThursdays 19:00-20:30 (Information will be listed on SIFA’s homepage or in the SIFA newsletter)
LocationJeffrey Suzuka
AddressKanbe 2-15-18
Learning environmentThe class is up to 20 people. The level of the class will be announced each time.
How to applyPlease contact SIFA by phone (059-383-0724) or email (sifa@mecha.ne.jp).
Suzuka Nihongo-kai AIUEO
Date and timeSaturdays 18:00-19:30
LocationKawano Kouminkan (in front of Kawano elementary school)
Address370-10 Koda-cho
Learning environment1 to 2 students per teacher. Operated by volunteer staff.
How to applyPlease call 080-3611-8799 (AIUEO)
Sakurajima Nihongo Kyoushitsu
Date and timeWednesdays 19:00-20:30
LocationNational Institute of Technology, Suzuka College (Suzuka Kousen)
Learning environment1 to 2 students per teacher. Operated by volunteer staff.
How to applyPlease call 090-3836-1774 (Sakurajima)
Makita Iroha Kyoushitsu
Date and timeSaturdays 10:30-11:40
LocationMakita Community Center
Address5-10 Hirata Higashi-machi
Learning environmentStudy in groups of different levels. Operated by volunteer staff.
How to applyPlease call 080-3680-8049 (Iroha)
Date and timeWednesdays 10:00-11:30
LocationTamagaki Kaikan
Address522-1 Higashi Tamagaki-cho
Learning environmentStudy hiragana, katakana, and simple kanji.
How to applyPlease contact Ms. Ryoko Yoshida by phone (090-1754-7919) or by email (dyo818blue@softbank.ne.jp)

Study Support

World Kids
Date and timeSaturdays 10:30-11:30
LocationMakita Community Center
Address5-10 Hirata Higashi-machi
Support contentAssisting mainly elementary and junior high school students with their homework.
Learning environment1 to 2 students per teacher. Operated by volunteer staff.
How to applyPlease contact Mr. Nakabayashi by phone (090-3991-0129).

Consultation Services

Day-to-day matters - Based on your life’s needs, we work as a mediator to connect you to the appropriate services.

For example: “I can't read the letter I received”, “I want to consult a specialist about the issues in my life”, “I want to know how to use a Japanese app”, etc.

Sightseeing - We provide information in multiple languages for sightseeing and lodging in Suzuka city.


SIFA holds various events to help you meet with the local community and have fun building connections.

For more information, visit SIFA's Facebook page.

Youth Mutual Exchange Program with Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA

We arrange a student exchange program for junior high and high school students between the cities of Bellefontaine and Suzuka. If you have children in this age range, please consider participating in the program.

Note: There will be an English proficiency test at the time of selecting the students who will be sent to Bellefontaine.


We are seeking new volunteers.
Are you interested in putting your language skills to good use in Suzuka?

Volunteer Activities

  • 1. Managing events

    Would you like to take part in enjoyable activities and events, such as an international exchange festival or classes where you will introduce your home country's cuisine and culture?

  • 2. Offering language assistance (interpreting and translating) for everyday life and during natural disasters

    How about helping people who speak the same language as you with translating documents and serving as an interpreter to support their everyday lives, etc.?

    Japan is a country with many natural disasters. When a big disaster strikes, would you like to take part in bringing together the people of your community?

  • 3. Assisting students with homework

    Summer and winter vacation homework is prepared in Japanese, making it difficult for students who have diverse cultural and language backgrounds to do it on their own.

    Would you be interested in caring for the students by providing them with study support?

  • 4. Providing tourist information services

    Are you interested in sharing information with tourists and people around the world to highlight Suzuka’s unique aspects and charm?

How to get started as a volunteer

  1. Register in person at the SIFA office or download the registration form, then fill it out and send it to the office. Registration is complete upon receipt of your application.

    Download the volunteer registration form: WordPDF

  2. You can receive information about volunteer recruitment through the SIFA newsletter, or may be contacted individually by SIFA for upcoming volunteer opportunities.
  3. When interpreters and translators are needed, SIFA will act as an intermediary to match appropriate individuals with the clients.
  4. Your volunteer work begins!

Becoming a supporting member of SIFA

Individuals who endorse SIFA's operations and would like to support it are welcome to become a member by submitting the annual membership donations at either the SIFA office or events held by SIFA.

Members can participate in cooking classes and other activities at members-only rates.

The annual membership donations are made in increments of 2,000 yen per fiscal year (April through March of the following year).